NEWS: SLASH Ft. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators:Third Album ‘Living The Dream’ Debuts With 10 Top 10 Placements On Global Charts

As SLASH FT. MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS crisscross the country with sold-out headlining shows on their first tour in over four years, the group is celebrating the release of LIVING THE DREAM, theirthird studio album and first full length in over four years.

Fueled by the USA Top 10 rock song Driving Rain”, and its new live-action, animated video as well as the best critical acclaim of their career (see below) LIVING THE DREAM (out via Snakepit Records, in partnership with RoadRunner Records), has debuted with 10, Top 10 chart placements around the world.  The album entered the UK album chart at #4 and hit #1 on the Top Hard Music Album chart#3 on the Rock Chart#9 on the Top Current Albums chart and #27 on the Top 200 chart in the USA.

The band performed “Driving Rain”–which Rolling Stonedescribed as delivering “bluesy riffs and solos throughout the blistering track”and Revolver hailed as“smoldering”— on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”HEREand another new song “Mind Your Manners”HERE. Purchase LIVING THE DREAM or stream the album here:

The group’s strongest collective statement to date, LIVING THE DREAM is the new full-length offering from the groupwhich, in addition to SLASHand singer MYLES KENNEDY, also includes bassist TODD KERNSdrummer BRENT FITZ and rhythm guitarist FRANK SIDORIS. Read the full Q&A where SLASH and MYLES KENNEDY breakdown LIVING THE DREAM in its entirety HERE.

From the barnstorming, high-octane rifferyof opener “Call of the Wild”to the wah-drenched funk rock of “Read Between the Lines,”the haunting majesty of “Lost Inside the Girl” to the swaggering deep-in-the-pocket Seventies grooves of “Serve You Right”, to the stately, quasi-classical melodic themes of “The Great Pretender”, LIVING THE DREAM packs a compendium of sounds and styles into 12 tightly arranged and sharply executed tracks, all of it shot through with SLASH’s trademark electrifying and dynamic riffing and high-wire, lyrical solos.

2018 marks a fresh start for SLASH FT MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS who are currently in the midst of their first tour in over four years and are already performing to sold-out crowds nationwide. Check out a sampling of the top critical acclaim the band and LIVING THE DREAM have received, so far:

“[On the] bluesy new song, ‘Mind Your Manners,’ from the group’s upcoming album Living the Dream. The guitarist alternates between ragged power chords and squealing solos throughout the song; on the chorus, Kennedy layers his voice into stacked harmonies.”

–Ryan Reed, ROLLING STONE(17/08/18)

a dynamic, high octane 12-song collection titled Living The Dream. It’s a mix of straightforward, explosive riff-rockers (‘The Call Of The Wild,’ ‘Mind Your Manners,’ ‘Sugar Cane,’)and more epic and layered compositions (‘The Great Pretender,’ ‘The One You Love Is Gone,’ ‘Lost Inside the Girl’); further studded with all manner of slight stylistic diversions, from funky wah-drenched workouts (‘Read Between The Lines’) to swaggering, Seventies-style stomp rock (‘Serve You Right’)and hook-filled, soaring anthems (‘Boulevard of Broken Hearts’ and first single ‘Driving Rain’).”

–Rich Bienstock,GUITAR WORLD(cover story, November 2018)

Living the Dreamis arguably their best album yet‘Call of the Wild’accomplishes exactly what you’d want out of an album opener, grabbing your attention with some start-stop guitar licks. It’s a standout amongst many on the albumand a great way to kick things off. ‘Serve You Right’ keeps the energy level high, but more slinks along with Slash’s ’70s-vibe guitar playing. It’s a solid change of pace that leads into the chugging rocker ‘My Antidote’and the album’s most infectious, rock radio single ‘Mind Your Manners.’Living the Dreamis filled with potential hits.

–Chad ChildersLOUDWIRE(20/09/18)

After eight years together Slash and Kennedy clearly have a musical bond and Slash, showing no rock star ego, let Kennedy and the band shine…. All told, the band played five new tracks — the aforementioned ‘Mind Your Manners,’ The Call Of The Wild,” ‘Driving Rain, ‘My Antidote’ and ‘Serve You Right’ focusing on the fastest, harder-edged tracks from the Conspirators’ catalog. The rest of the set included material from his Slash’s first solo album as well as the Conspirators’ World On Fire. The night’s one GNR track, ‘Rocket Queen,’ electrified the venueas Kennedy more than held his own on the higher octaves.”

–Steve Baltin, VARIETY(live review, 15/09/18)

“It’s a statement that the man himself has lost none of his artistic spirit, his creative drive and, even in cleaner 50s, his famed rock & roll ‘tude; its evidence that this group of musicians have evolved into a finely tuned machine; and it just might be the best full-length record that Slash has been involved with since the Use Your Illusions in ’91. …” there’s a genuine hunger, a raw energy on display on this album… [‘The Call Of The Wild’ is] proof he’s chomping at the bit, even now, tocreate snarling, hard-hitting rock & roll.”

–Brett Callwood, LA WEEKLY(cover story,13/09/18)

“’The Call of the Wild’ blasts things off in spectacular fashionwhile ‘Mind Your Manners’ and ‘Driving Rain’ feature the kind of unrelenting boogie rock’n’roll that would make the perfect accompaniment to a bar-room brawl. …fast, fun, filled with tasty licksand imbued with its own brand of denim-clad authenticity.”

Will HodgkinsonTHE TIMES(21/09/18)

“On ’My Antidote’from the upcoming collaborative record, Living the Dreama staccato rhythm section and clean vocals lay the groundwork for Slash’s soloing to take front and centerper usual, and the resulting product is off-kilter funk-rock with a soaring chorusperfectly tailored for modern hard-rock radio.”

–Kelsey Chapstick, REVOLVER(17/09/18)

’Mind Your Manners’ slithers and slides, a dirty boogie’Driving Rain’ opens in similar fashion, providing an intangible thrill, before slipping into a strangely attractive kind of southern rock-cum-funk.”

–Michael Hann, THE GUARDIAN (21/09/18)

Living the Dreamis a collection of beautifully-crafted songs. …Grabs you by the scruff of the neck, pins you against the wall and demands your attention.”
 “Living the Dreamis a ride as wild as the life of the man himself.”
 –TOTAL GUITAR(October 2018)


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