SINGLE REVIEW: Stormcast – Resonance


After a three year hiatus, Atmospheric/Melodic Black Metal force STORMCAST are back and they are not about to come quietly.  They are due to release a follow up to their previous album Frame Of Mind that caused a mighty impact in the metal community.

The Ghost Eater is due for release later this month which will mark their prominent return, in the meantime their latest single Resonance gives a taste of the impact they will bring into the metal scene once again.

STORMCAST originally formed in Cyprus in the year 2007. Over the years, they opened the stage for the likes of ROTTING CHRIST, SABATON and STRATOVARIUS. They are currently based in Brighton, UK.

Resonance kicks off in a true STORMCAST fashion. An atmospheric introduction that eventually leads to a grand climax. This particular climax consists of finger blistering guitar riffs, brutal vocal work and an empowering sense of accomplishment. STORMCAST have produced melodies that provide full force that blows you away and ensures you are listening. Resonance is no exception. Even with the absence of orchestral elements, STORMCAST continue to produce that influential effect within their new material.

The chorus line “with you in sight, we can accomplish all” has an empowering effect, particularly in this day and age where there is a lot of doubt and uncertainty. The emotional energy portrayed in this track is strong and it only grows every time you hear the track.

Resonance provides more than a taster to what to expect on the album, it provides a force to be reckoned with. With this in mind, it is certain that this will mark the return of STORMCAST.

The Ghost Eater is due out 26th October 2018.

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