ALBUM REVIEW: Kissin’ Dynamite – Not The End Of The Road

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are back and it’s clear from their upcoming release Not The End Of The Road that they don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. I have mentioned before they are my go-to band when I need a boost, their uplifting sounds manage to bring me out of some dark holes. With this latest release, they do this and more.

They waste no time opening with the title track and within seconds, you feel pumped and ready to take on whatever comes your way. Straight away you notice how far their song writing has really developed and it takes a more thought-provoking turn. It does this whilst keeping to their message of positivity and overcoming whatever comes your way. Lyrics such as “destructive headlines in the news, fronted by a string of blues” and “silver linings paint the sky, new horizons come to light” reinforce this.

Speaking of songs that are catchy yet thought provoking, another example of this can be found in Only The Dead. The song writing about the dead not giving a damn, being free from sorrow and knowing how messed up life is packs a punch.

Within this release, I noticed the band have tried some new things with their sound. I personally think it works and adds to their sound. Whether it’s hearing some symphonic and sci-fi elements on No One Dies A Virgin to dark rock tribal aspects in Voodoo Spell; you still hear the heart of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE in those songs. I do wonder if Desmond Child had a hand in writing Voodoo Child as it is reminiscent of those bold sounds of the eighties.

Another thing KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are know for is bringing a stadium like atmosphere whether you happen to be listening to them or watching them live. These sorts of songs include Good Life, Comin’ Home and Gone For Good. These songs invoke images of large crowds singing along with lighters in the air.

Comin’ Home wouldn’t be out of place on a BON JOVI record. This is down to the soaring melody that helps you feel warm and positive.

From what I understand about Gone For Good, it looks into grieving the loss of someone; whether that’s through death or a break up. It manages to tug the heartstrings whilst allowing that feeling of freedom to come across.

Long-time fans of the band needn’t worry as there are several songs featured here that are typical KISSIN’ DYNAMITE tracks; these being Yoko Ono, All For A Hallelujah and Defeat It. Yoko Ono is an interesting track, it looks at those who lure you in then later manipulate and abuse you. When I spoke to vocalist Hannes Braun, he explains that Defeat It looks into what a narcissist might think and say when things start to go wrong for them; this is reinforced with the fact music arrangements remind me of a villain and lyrics such as “I know the magic words that turn water into wine”. All For A Hallelujah most certainly will be the next party anthem or live track that will not only have you dancing but singing along with it too.

It ends with Scars. Like Heart Of Stone from their previous album, it’s a stunning track that will stop you in your tracks. It truly captures the feeling of what it’s like when you have fallen on dark times and persevering, lyrics such as “Feel like a shipwreck on the ocean” and “I carry the scars until I die.” hit hard. It bravely shows the band’s vulnerability and many will relate when listening to this.

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE have pulled out all the stops with this record, long time fans will be rejoicing and new listeners will be pleased they have something to add to their collection. Rock ain’t dead, Not The End Of The Road is solid proof.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Not The End Of The Road will be released 21st January 2022 via Napalm Records.

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