ALBUM REVIEW: Ensiferum – Thallasic

Grab a sword and board a dragonhead long ship! Make fast the oars, set sail and prepare for battle on the high seas with ENSIFERUM. The sword bearing folk metal warriors from Finland are due to return with their new nine track album Thallasic. What does Thallasic mean though? As I discussed with vocalist and … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Ensiferum – Thallasic

“People still need new music.”

ENSIFERUM are well established in the scene. They have been delivering their folk inspired melodic death metal for over two decades now and show no signs of slowing down. They will soon be unleashing their eighth studio album titled Thallasic via Napalm Records on the 10th of July. Rock Out Stand Out’s Martin White speaks … Continue reading “People still need new music.”

ALBUM REVIEW: The Other – Haunted

There has always been a strong output of horror from mainland Europe. Ever since the expressionist movies of the 1920’s. Steeped in myths and folklore, it also has a dark history for those wishing to investigate further. Crawling out of the catacombs, armed with scares and frights comes the new thirteen track album from THE … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Other – Haunted

EP REVIEW: Frost* – Others

Whilst we are currently experiencing a spell of blistering hot weather and summer has officially begun there are signs of a climate change coming in the form of FROST* Fear not! We are not due arctic blizzards but instead a chilling six track EP titled Others. These were composed at the time of the bands … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Frost* – Others