ALBUM REVIEW: Metalwings – A Whole New Land

I have heard the name METALWINGS pop up over the past few years but never actually sat down to listen to them until their latest release A Whole New Land. It is most certainly one of the more intriguing albums I have come across and it makes me curious to find out more. Let me … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Metalwings – A Whole New Land

NEWS: METALWINGS – Release New Single

METALWINGS are excited to present their brand new single 'Still Believe In Us'. Here is what the band have stated about the song: "We are so excited to present you our brand new single “Still Believe in Us”.The song is inspired by what has happened to our world over the last three months.We’d like to … Continue reading NEWS: METALWINGS – Release New Single

NEWS: METALWINGS Release Third Official Video for track For All Beyond

Bulgarian Symphonic Metal force METALWINGS have released their third official video for the song For All Beyond. This bombastic track contains majestic rhythms and a striking melody that will make your hair stand on end. Want to hear stunning vocal work, powerful riffs and thunderous beats? Check it out. Find Metalwings on Facebook