Album Review: Nevoa – The Absence Of Void


Finding the blackest and darkest depths in the most beautiful places seems to be happening a lot recently; the most recent discovery is in the midst of sunny Portugal in the city of Porto, satanic offspring João Freire and Nuno Craveiro concocted a malevolent force known as NEVOA. They are unleashing a lethal weapon that will cause chaos and pandemonium around them; this mass weapon of destruction is their latest album “The Absence Of Void”.

NEVOA started to bring doom and despair in 2014 were they unleashed their first single “Below A Celestial Abyss” creating a cult of followers in the process. They have released a full length abomination; like mentioned before in previous reviews, in terms of Black Metal the words chaos, despair and satanic are words of praise.

The album lures the listener into a false sense of security with the beautiful sombre tones of “A Thousand Circles”. It’s extremely hard to pinpoint a highlight on this particular record as there were just a lot of them to list; you definitely get the best of everything here and this album will certainly open doors for them.

A great example of their work is the single “Below A Celestial Abyss”; one moment you have the blisteringly rapid guitar riffs, belligerent vocals and the deafening drums, the next minute you have a striking acoustic guitar melody. One can agree that is quite a huge contrast, when used in the correct way you can hear an outstanding result. You certainly can hear that on this hypnotic record.

Another case of their already solid work is the track “Alma” which is completely stripped of the distortions and aggressiveness; it is replaced with acoustics and a beautiful siren-esque voice that assures the listener that the evilness in the album has supposedly stopped. Only for it to carry on.

Ending on a despairing note from the title track it is easy to conclude this album is just a masterpiece that ticks all the boxes for a solid record; highly recommended for fans of EMPEROR and ALCEST.


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