ALBUM REVIEW: Brothers Of Metal – Emblas Saga

Mask yourselves in war paint, don your strongest armour and prepare yourselves for battle. BROTHERS OF METAL are back with a brand-new quest and they are looking for warriors to partake in this adventure with them. Like their previous escapade Prophecy Of Ragnarök, Emblas Saga is a mighty tale. These Swedish warriors head straight for … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Brothers Of Metal – Emblas Saga

ALBUM REVIEW: Metalite – Biochemicals

Biomechanicals is the second offering by METALITE from Sweden. This is the first album with new vocalist Erica Ohlsson where her vocals perfectly compliment the music created on this album. The band themselves have developed their style from what was unleashed on their debut Heroes in Time and is ideal for the digital age. Far … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Metalite – Biochemicals

ALBUM REVIEW: Winter’s Edge – The Guardians Of Our Time Pt. 1

It was only last year that WINTER'S EDGE officially became a band. It was initially started as a solo project by guitarist Jeremy Lawler in the year 2009. It was set up to feature different musicians from around the world. Those years have seen them experiment with their sound; include talent from the underground metal … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Winter’s Edge – The Guardians Of Our Time Pt. 1

ALBUM REVIEW: Primitai – The Calling

Over the past decade or so a storm has been brewing in the UK; it’s been in the airwaves and live sphere in the Metal Community for quite some time now. This has been done in the form of Melodic Metal troupe PRIMITAI and they have released their latest weapon aka The Calling their fifth … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Primitai – The Calling

NEWS: MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST announce UK tour dates for November!

Michael Schenker Fest are pleased to announce that they will be touring the UK this coming November in celebration of their latest studio album release, Resurrection; out now via Nuclear Blast. The dates will comprise of five headline shows with support coming from multinational melodic metal band Eden's Curse, plus a headline festival appearance at Hard Rock Hell XII. Touring with internationally renowned guitar … Continue reading NEWS: MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST announce UK tour dates for November!

ALBUM REVIEW: Angel Nation – Aeon

If you weren’t familiar with the works of ANGEL NATION before, the time to start doing so is right now. Their captivating video for their single ‘Burn The Witch’ is more than a great place to start. It cleverly depicts the ongoing message on how much time modern technology consumes now, particularly social media where you become … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Angel Nation – Aeon

Album Review: Eden’s Curse – Cardinal

If you hear a band has received praise from IRON MAIDEN legend Bruce Dickinson you can’t help but go and check them out. The band in question is multi-national melodic metal quintet EDEN’S CURSE and they manage to keep up this high standard on their upcoming album ‘Cardinal’, which is due for release 14th October … Continue reading Album Review: Eden’s Curse – Cardinal

EDEN’S CURSE: A Retrospective Look Back At A Decade Of Eden’s Curse

Yesterday afternoon a very special band celebrated an important milestone in their career. Saturday 16th January 2016 saw multi national Melodic Metal heroes EDEN'S CURSE celebrating their tenth anniversary. To celebrate A&D Productions released a incredibly insightful documentary that, the title appropriately suggests, is a retrospective look back on what is actually an incredible history.  In this … Continue reading EDEN’S CURSE: A Retrospective Look Back At A Decade Of Eden’s Curse